While being on holiday in Mozambique in December 2014, we (Rick and Martin) were awestruck by the still unspoilt beauty of the country and its people. We knew that we had to capture everyday activities on film so that we could draw attention to aspects of Mozambican life that would often go unnoticed by holidaymakers. The amazing experiences also had to be shared with people elsewhere. Hence Rick Martin Photography was founded.


The aim of Rick Martin photography is to produce original photographic works of art and to make them available to the public. Our first collection, entitled Areia Branca (White Sands), focuses on the everyday activities of fisherman who launch their dhows from the lagoon and then sail into the ocean to cast their nets in order to eke out a living.


The Areia Branca Collection consists of unique photographs which are available in three sizes: small (900mm 600mm), medium (1200mm x 900mm) and large (1200mm x 1800mm). Custom sizes are availalbe. All works in the Areia Branca collection are stretched on Premium Satin Canvas.